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With a strong climb out of the ‘Great Recession’ many industries are seeing steady growth rates and business expansions. However, a recovering economy has its pluses and minuses for the financial sector.

Luckily, your customers/members are now feeling more secure and may even move out of money market and cash accounts in to higher risk investments. Those clients that have been putting off larger real estate investments are now looking for competitive mortgage rates.

Unfortunately, it is not all good news. The aftermath has brought stronger regulations and compliance with new risk assessments, making it harder for you to qualify customers. This will have your ‘loyal’ customer base shopping around for financial firms that can meet their needs quickly.

And your customers aren’t the only ones shopping around, so are your employees with more job opportunities available in this growing economy, potentially with better pay and benefits. This means starting over with compliance and service training – exposing you to more risk.

At Intranet Connections, we help Financial Organizations minimize the risk to their business by increasing employee retention, decreasing compliance risk with better trained employees and simplifying policies and procedures with better documentation.

Finance Industry Specializations

bank intranet

Simplifying and automating bank operations by streamlining SOPs and centralizing internal communications.

credit union portal

Engaging employees & members through strengthening communications and collaboration.

mortgage portal

Streamlining procedures and document management through centralizing resources and communications.

financial services portal

Managing compliance risk and employee retention with strong document management and online training.


Operating expenses and capital investments are increasing year-over-year for your bank, with customers demanding extended service hours and digital banking options while compliance costs and fraud protection costs increase, it’s no wonder margins are getting tighter and tighter.

There are more variables that impact Share of Wallet (SOW) today than ever before. Prepare your bank and employees to handle these economic and workforce changes with a Financial Intranet from Intranet Connections. Intranet Connections worked with over 100 banks to deliver a Finance Intranet solution that helps your bank better connect, collaborate and create.

With bank customers worldwide, we have designed and delivered a Financial Intranet that works with your bank operations. Just ask our happy bank customers, 1st Mariner Bank, Cayman National Bank and Hudson Valley Bank, just to name a few. See how we can help your bank improve employee retention and compliance with a Free 21-Day Financial Intranet Trial today.

Insurance & Mortgage

Battling against the big banks as insurance and/or mortgage specialists is a David versus Goliath equation. You need a slingshot to pierce the armor of these giants. Intranet Connections provides you with that competitive edge you need to better train your employees, improve customer relationships and decrease your risk exposure.

A Finance Intranet from Intranet Connections delivers an extensive tool set with Policy & Procedure Management for compliance management, E-Learning and Onboarding to increase employee retention and Employee Self-Service to deliver the right information to employees on-demand.

With over 240 finance customers, we have many happy financial customers, just like you, including: Insurance Writers Limited, United Mortgage, Insurance House Group and Envoy Mortgage.

Intranet Testimonial

“The Intranet Connections team is upbeat, positive and overly willing to help give us with great tips and advice for our intranet implementation. We are overly impressed with everyone’s attitude and response – it is a great company to work with! The fast response from support is always helpful.”

Roland Sternfels, Insurance Writers Limited

Discover how our Financial Intranet can arm your financial organization with the tools you need – request a 1-on-1 Guided Tour of our Financial Intranet.

Financial Services

While there are many differences among a bank, a credit union, a mortgage broker and a financial services agency, some challenges remain universal for the finance sector.

  • Compliance Risk
  • Employee Retention
  • Financial Audits
  • Employee Training & On Boarding
  • Increasing Competitive Landscape

Find out how our Financial Intranet can help you face and overcome the issues plaguing your financial firm today. With over 240 financial customers, we have worked with firms just like you by delivering a Finance Intranet that helps you better connect, collaborate and create.

Intranet Testimonial

“Oikocredit is one of the leading privately funded micro-credit institutions and works with over 900 project partners mainly in the developing world. As such, communication and sharing of resources is very important. We have found Intranet Connections an excellent tool that facilitates this. Apart from the wide range of possibilities already provided, we are particularly pleased with the way Intranet Connections continually searches to tailor their product to the customers’ needs.”

Wilma Koolstra, OikoCredit

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Credit Union Intranet Case Study

Pima Federal Credit Union Intranet

See how Pima Federal Credit Union saved over 52 weeks of work for their IT and HR departments by utilizing centralized content management, content publishing workflows and employee communications on their Financial Intranet – read our Pima Federal Credit Union Case Study.