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Intranet Connections has been serving the banking community with our Financial Intranet Software including banks and credit unions from the United States, Canada and other financial services firms from all over the world. The following case studies outline how our financial customers have leveraged our software to improve employee participation, automate workflows, establish a culture of recognition, enhance employee engagement and much more. Discover what our Financial Intranet Software can do for your business by requesting a free personalized 20-minute demo.

Intranet Connection Bank Intranet

Intranet Connections Financial Case Study

Our champions over at Ephrata National Bank were so kind to take the time to show us “Buzz”, the bank’s intranet. The enthusiasm they have for their intranet shone through and we had a great chat about how we could help them more in processes like on-boarding and delegation of sites, including a desire to set up a site for their Board of Directors and secure it so that Board members can login with tablets, review documents and cast votes on Board initiatives.


Intranet Connections Credit Union Case Study

Credit Union National Association and Nita McCann of the IT department at CUNA realized their intranet was becoming increasingly difficult to manage and something had to change. Re-organizing six years’ worth of content was no easy task but Nita and our stellar support team worked together and shared recommendations and best practices for the employee intranet rebuild.


Intranet Connections Case Study

Greater Iowa Credit Union gets the most out of their intranet by taking advantage of the simplicity of Intranet Connections to encourage employee collaboration. Peggy Wurster, Director of Staff Development, promotes an “Elevate the Experience” training program on their financial intranet, offering stories of success from their credit union staff, which gives a voice to peer recognition and works to improve culture within their organization.


Intranet Connections Financial Blog Article

Employees over at Orrstown Bank log into the intranet on a daily basis to nominate other employees using the Employee Recognition Application if they view them “wow” a customer or go out of their way to help out a fellow employee. Every Monday morning one nominated employee from this “I Spy a Wow” program is then chosen at random and acknowledged within their morning warm-up meeting. Orrstown’s program has helped encourage employee engagement and intranet adoption.


Credit Union Intranet Case Study

Intouch Credit Union Case Study

Discover how Intouch Credit Union achieved a 100% intranet adoption rate deploying a Finance Intranet from Intranet Connections – read our InTouch Credit Union Case Study.


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