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The relationships we build with you and the connections we make with our customers is what makes us special. Hence our name. We work with and talk to you to find out what you want in the software and how can we make your business intranet 10/10. We put ourselves in your shoes.

Our amazing customers have used our software to create some astounding internal solutions which have helped to improve internal communication, streamline workflows and business processes, enhance employee collaboration and much more.  Here are just a few corporate intranet examples of how our customers have made the most out of their Intranet Connections intranet software.

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Intranet Connections Business Intranet

Intranet Connections Business Intranet

BC Place was faced with a major renovation period, and staff were being divided into two locations. They were concerned that communication would suffer and decided to implement an intranet solution to increase employee involvement, enhance information sharing and improve communication within the company overall. BC Place implemented Intranet Connections’ software which soon became a dynamic and widely used resource for corporate information.


Intranet Connections Business Intranet

Fathom SEO had an internal HTML intranet solution which was static and required frequent manual updates. They wanted something that was easier to use and required little or no IT knowledge to add, edit and update information. With the help of Intranet Connections Fathom was able to implement a simple, end-user friendly intranet solution which also helped in improving and streamlining on-boarding and employee training processes.


Intranet Connections Corporate Intranet

The Internal Communications Manager at New Seasons Market was looking for a simple, user-friendly intranet that would build upon workplace culture. With half of the New Seasons workforce unplugged, with no desks or workstations, connecting employees to company news and information presented a challenge. However, by installing intranet kiosks in break rooms New Seasons was able to use Intranet Connections to build lasting connections.


Intranet Connections Intranet Case Study

The San Diego Humane Society developed a phased rollout for their intranet, which consisted of an initial launch, followed by new content and resources being added monthly. This allowed them to launch their intranet in a more timely manner and assisted in helping keep information fresh and employees engaged. San Diego Humane Society launched a successful intranet by working as a team, setting goals, staying focus and mapping out a plan.


Credit Union Intranet Case Study

Diversified Search SharePoint Case Study

See why Diversified Search switched from SharePoint to Intranet Connections and saved $11,000 in the first year making this decision – read our Diversified Search SharePoint Case Study.


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