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Operating in the fast-paced and highly regulated healthcare industry requires endless organization, communication and collaboration. Improving patient care and the patient experience is the highest priority but it comes with a price tag and is difficult to measure.

Do you have the right systems in place to help you better train your staff, track the patient experience, move inefficient paper-base processes online and facilitate better cross-departmental communication and collaboration? Chances are you don’t. You are missing the opportunity to improve your healthcare organization in one or more of these areas.

At Intranet Connections, we have worked with over 160 healthcare organizations to help them better connect, collaborate and create with a Healthcare Intranet. See what our Healthcare Intranet can do for your organization with a FREE 21-Day Healthcare Intranet Trial.

Healthcare Industry Specializations


Disconnects between departments and shifts can be detrimental to your patient care. Not only can checklist items be missed but patients could be overlooked and the transition between surgery to recovery could be painstaking.

You staff needs to be more connected and collaborative to deliver a comprehensive patient experience from check-in to check-out and everywhere in between. This makes facilitating replicable Staff Training & On Boarding essential, as well as testing knowledge with Online Exams & Quizzes. Understanding the breakdown in the patient experience with a Healthcare Intranet solution from Intranet Connections.

The technical experience of our administrators varied, from people who were reasonably intranet savvy to people who weren’t sure which side of the mouse to hold, so the intranet software had to work for everyone.

Leo Merneros, Gold Coast Hospital

We have helped more than 160 healthcare facilities, including Anderson Hospital, Lincoln Surgical Hospital, Ann Harbor VA Hospital, Gold Coast Hospital, Mayo Clinic and many more, better connect, collaborate and create efficiencies with a Healthcare Intranet from Intranet Connections. Find out more from our happy hospital intranet customers, many who have worked with us for well over a decade.

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Medical Centers

As a Healthcare Administrator or IT Administrator of a Medical Center(s), you are busy juggling people, resources, patients, equipment and facilities, not to mention the software and systems you need in place to manage all these areas. This is more than a full-time job. You need software that is easy to use, administer and delegate to keep your facilities running smoothly.

Our Healthcare Intranet was designed for healthcare professionals and with healthcare professionals just like you, to help you strengthen vitals of your operations through a comprehensive internal communication and collaboration platform.

The Intranet Connections’ support staff has been amazing. I cannot thank them enough. They have consistently shown positive attitudes, fast response times, inexhaustible patience and terrific product knowledge. The support team shows genuine concern for resolving my issues; it is rare and refreshing to work with such a concerned and dedicated service team.


We have worked with over 160 healthcare organizations, including Mayo Clinic, CJW Medical Center, Ashley County Medical Center and Pacific Shore Medical Group to name a few. Discover more of our our happy medical center/clinic customers, many with which we have worked with for more than a decade.

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The relationship you have with your patients and their caregivers is the single most important aspect of your end-of-life-care facility. It is important that each patient is treated with the same respect and care as the next during this extremely difficult time.

This means ensuring all staff members are trained with the same methodology and material, whether it be a new staff member or long-tenure member of your staff, each needs to provide consistency of care. Managing staff training with registrations, class scheduling and attendance reports can be a full-time job if done inefficiently. A Healthcare Intranet from Intranet Connections can help with Staff Training, Patient Care Feedback and Staff-Self Service to maintain consistency the care your patients receive.

Intranet Connections has been the perfect intranet solution for Pathways Hospice. We not only educate our staff through our intranet, but also keep them connected while they are out interfacing with patients and caretakers. As a happy customer with Intranet Connections for over 5 years, we have experienced how their robust intranet can flex and grow with our organization’s needs.


We’ve worked with more than 160 healthcare facilities, just like you, such as Pathways Hospices, Beacon Hospice, Hospice of Palm Beach County, and HopeWest to name a few. Discover more of our happy hospice customers.

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Healthcare Organizations

In healthcare you must have keen attention to detail, every decision impacts another area of your organization and consistency in patient care is imperative. Without the proper tools and systems in place you could be making critical mistake in your healthcare organization that is compromising your patients’ experience.

Our Healthcare Intranet was made with healthcare organizations like yours, to solve the daily challenges you face as a healthcare provider. Our Healthcare Intranet customers have used their intranets to improve patient care, increase cross-departmental collaboration, facilitate intern assessments and feedback online, streamline credentialing with with e-learning and much more.

We purchased Intranet Connections because of its simplicity of use and straight forward administration. It is well thought out — Intranet Connections thought of all the features you would need in a social intranet solution.


We’ve worked with Healthcare Organizations, just like you, such as eClinicalWorks, Healthsun Health Plans, Just Better Care Australia, Marysville Physician Services and over 160 more healthcare organizations. Find out what our healthcare customers are saying about us – Healthcare Customer Testimonials.

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Hospital Intranet Case Study

Gold Coast Hospital Case Study

See how Gold Coast Hospital improved their staff training, intern evaluations/assessments and saved over $10,000 annual with a single feature on their intranet with our Healthcare Intranet – read our Gold Coast Hospital Case Study.