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Webinar: Inspiring Credit Union Intranets

Real Examples of How Credit Unions Utilize Their Intranets

Get Inspired

Watch this dynamic webinar on how InTouch Credit Union and Northern Savings Credit Union utilize their Credit Union Intranets to inspire and engage their employees.

Inspire Your Credit Union

Our On-Demand Webinar: Inspiring Credit Union Intranets walks through the features, functionality, and tools credit unions use today to organize, optimize and engage their credit union and employees, including:

  • Volunteer Engagement: with event calendars, registration and photo sharing

  • Centralized Document Management: with nesting folders, version control and archiving

  • Executive Involvement: through executive blogging and company news

  • Online Forms & Workflows: with e-forms, triggers and automated workflows

  • Employee Recognition: with employee nominations, recognition and featured employees

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Intranet Connections helps your organization connect, collaborate and create better by streamlining workflows, increasing productivity and engaging employees with our intranet software solution.