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Staff RetentionImprove Staff Retention & Training

Many Assisted Living facilities have trouble maintaining staffing levels and ensuring there are proper, and accessible, training tools to keep qualified staff. To assist with the implementation of workplace enhancements, Assisted Living software, such as an intranet, put training at the tips of staff fingertips and allow you to standardize your staff training and onboarding process with features such as; Online Training Calendar, Online Tests and Interactive Tutorials.

icon-36-securitySurvive & Thrive During Healthcare M&A

Healthcare mergers and acquisitions are a primary reason to implement intranet software in the Assisted Living industry. The top down application of an intranet allow for the standardization of merged documents and processes, unites newly acquired locations, and brings consistency to training, job titles, contacts and procedures. In addition, intranet software provides a centralized location for documents and communication, connects people and addresses potential culture clashes.

Dashboard AuditingBe Regulation Ready with Policy Manager & Auditing

In the first time in over 15 years, significant changes have been made to Long-Term Care CoP (conditions of participation). This impacts facilities that haven’t done a massive review/update of policies and procedures before. Our Policy Management system keeps policies top-of-mind and up-to-date with; dashboard auditing to display all documents/procedures with review dates and personal logins track policy read confirmations.

AD SyncEasily Display All Staff & Volunteers with ADSync

Active Directory Synchronization pulls both individual AD Users onto your Assisted Living intranet software as well as your Active Directory Groups & Managers. Syncing membership of a specific group makes it easier to restrict user and group clutter by preventing certain accounts from being brought in during the sync process. Other benefits of ADSync include single-sign on, synced login data with domain credentials, and authentication.

icon-36-securitySupport Multiple Locations & Department Sites

Assisted Living organizations often offer more than one level of care in an effort to look after an individual in various stages of their life. This results in the management of multiple locations and a variety of departments that cater to different care levels. Intranet software ensures departments, and locations, have dedicated sites to share documents, upload policies and openly communicate.

Streamline Manual Processes and PaperworkStreamline Manual Processes & Paperwork

Paper forms and policies, although the norm in healthcare industries, have long since caused more work for staff whose time is better spent with residents. Automate and streamline paper processes with Online Forms and Automated Workflows. From incident reporting to revised policies, you can effectively track and manage with pre-built forms, and simple automated approval processes using intranet software.

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Cari Jones

“Intranet Connections has been the perfect solution for Pathways Hospice. We not only educate our staff through our intranet, but also keep them connected while they are out interfacing with patients and caretakers.”

– Cari Jones, Pathways Hospice

5 Star Rating
Robert Mann

“After we switched to Intranet Connections we breathed a sigh of relief, other departments and non-IT staff members were able to take over most of the day-to-day tasks.”

– Robert Mann, Westminster Canterbury Richmond

5 Star Rating
Nathan Caban

“We use policy management on our intranet and we have received rave reviews from both management and our users. We work with a handful of different vendors, but Intranet Connections is by far #1 in service!”

– Nathan Caban, Elder Service Plan of the North Shore

5 Star Rating
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