Streamline Content Approval with Workflows

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Streamline content approval with Content Approval Workflows. Content Approval Workflows quickly redirect content editing and approvals from the authors, to the editors and then to the reviewers.

Automatically redirecting Content Approval Workflows not only speeds up the approval process but ensures employees are more time-efficient. Content Approval Workflows also allow intranet administrators to keep track of who did what, when and in what order. Our Corporate Intranet Software includes many automated workflows designed to make your daily work tasks more simple. See Content Approval Workflows in action by taking a FREE Guided Tour through our Corporate Intranet.

Avoid Intranet Clutter

It’s inevitable, intranet’s build up tons of content throughout the years. While most of it is helpful, some “useless” content still manages to sneak on. With Content Approval Workflows, you can avoid this “content clutter” and ensure only relevant, useful information is published. You can automatically send a notification to an editor or reviewer every time new content is published so that before it goes live, someone has to approve it.

Content Approval Workflows

Ensure relevant content is published with approvals.

Content Approval Workflows Tracks Changes

Track Edit History

Often content needs to be updated once it’s been published. Content Approval Workflows notify’s the author of the content that someone has edited or made changes before these changes are made public. This ensures the author’s approval that the edits made are accurate and no incorrect information is published. Content Approval Workflows also helps keep track of changes made, by who and who approved it.