Determine Who Can Add Content to your Site

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Determine who has rights to add content to a site with Content Publishing Delegation. You can assign certain users rights to publish content at the site, application or folder level. For example, site managers can assign Content Publishing Delegation to users in their department.

Content Publishing Delegation is a great way to take the stress of maintaining entire pages and sites off of just one person. This is especially useful for mature intranets with a lot of content on them. Discover Content Publishing Delegation and other Content Management features by taking a FREE Guided Tour of our Corporate Intranet.

Delegate Publishing by Site

As the intranet administrator, you can set Content Publishing Delegation on an intranet site, such as a department site, to an individual user. For example, you can give the Marketing Director Content Publishing Delegation to the entire marketing site. This means he/she can add, remove, edit or change any content on the marketing site.

Content Publishing Delegation by User or Department

Determine who has rights to publish content on a site.

Content Publishing Delegation by App or Folder

Set Publishing Rights for Apps & Folders

Following the same example above, perhaps the Marketing Director would like some help managing the marketing site. He/she can then set Content Publishing Delegation of any applications on the marketing site to another user, such as the Marketing Assistant. From there, you can also set Content Publishing Delegation on a folder level as well.

Set Different Publishers

Intranet management is no longer a job for just the IT Department. With Content Publishing Delegation, you can have every site, app or folder on your intranet managed by a different department or individual user. This ensures all content is relevant, organized and useful.

Delegate Content Management to Multiple Users

Give users admin power to any site, app or folder.