Manage Content with Content Security & Permissioning

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It is likely that your intranet contains sensitive or private information on it that only certain users or departmentsĀ are authorized to see. You can ensure this content is hidden to unauthorized users with Content Security settings. Content Security allows you to secure content at a folder level and make it available to certain users or departments.

You can secure content by changing permissioning levels based on job title, department or by user. This controls finding, accessing and even editing content. See how Content Security and our other Content Management tools can benefit your organization by taking a FREE Guided Tour of our Corporate Intranet.

Secure Content

Content within folders can be made private or hidden to certain users with permissioning. Changing the permissioning allows you to secure content so only users with permission can see it. You can set permissions based on the employee’s role, department or individual username. For example, if the site manager only wants employees from IT to have access to content, he/she can set permissions so that no other department can view it.

Set Content Security

Content Security Set By Department

Set Content Security by Role

Authorize Content by Employee Role

Secure Sensitive Content

There many be content on your Corporate Intranet that only managers are authorized to see. Keep that content private with Content Security and permissioning, making it hidden to anyone who isn’t in a managerial role. In doing so, this also prevents the hidden content from showing up in search results for those not authorized to view the content.