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Centralized document management is one of the top requirements for any business. Making it easy for employees to find, edit and revise documents is fundamental to ensuring your business processes run smoothly, and your business intranet should possess the tools necessary to assist your employees in this process.

Our document management tools, including full-text search, document tagging, versioning, comments & ratings and much more help your employees do just that.

Document Management Features

document read

Quickly gain consent with read/agree confirmation functionality required on documents and policies with agreement tracking.

Policy Review

Enable scheduled review processes that will automatically contact authors alerting them to review and update files.

Intranet Library Resources Commenting Moderation

Allow employees to provide feedback on your intranet content with open content commenting and rating to discover popular content.

Content Tagging

Refine content search results by tagging content with native terms or industry acronyms your employees commonly use.

Document Versioning

Check-out and check-in documents for strong version control to provide the most -up-to-date documents to your employees.

Document Archiving

Set an automated archiving and clean-up schedule on your Corporate Intranet to keep your content fresh, relevant and actionable.

Full-Text Indexing

Finding the exact document you seek with a keyword or key phrase through powerful Full-Text Document Indexing on your Corporate Intranet.

Compose, Assign, Review – Repeat

Our Intranet Connections’ Documents Management on your Corporate Intranet enables you to store all of your company documents and manuals in a single location for employees to retrieve and work on. Organize and secure your documents through multi-level nested folder structures, similar to that of Windows ExplorerR. Simply choose to attach files or use our wiki-like web documents within the document management application to build, edit and publish yourself.

Document Management on your Corporate Intranet requires much more than just organizing content in folders. It requires permissioning, document tracking, content provisioning and content clean-up, all of which Intranet Connections provides within our all-encompassing Content Management with scheduled review processes, automated document read confirmation, granular security permissioning, content archiving/clean-up and much more.

See how easy it is to administer and use our content management and document management tools – Request a personalize 20-minute Intranet Product Demo.

Intranet Connections Documents and Policies

Intranet Connections Document Management

Effective Intranet Document Management

Maz Mohammadi raises awareness about Intranet Hording Syndrome (IHS) in his blog article and outlines ways to prevent it through effective management of your intranet documents.


Intranet Testimonial

“Intranet Connections has changed the way we have conversations with our employees. The software offers a plethora of out-of-the-box functionality, offering solutions to everyday challenges related to how information is disseminated throughout the organization.”

Stacy Lowman

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