Read and Agree to Important Documents & Policies

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There is content on your intranet that may be essential for all employees, or simply a specific group of employees, need to read and understand. Document Read and Agree on your Corporate Intranet allows you to notify your employees of content, such as policies or procedures, that needs to be read and agreed to, and then monitor who has read that content.

Once an employee has checked that they have read the material they are added to the read confirmation list. Employees who have still not read the material after a certain time period can be resent the notification that the item has been posted and that they must confirm they have read and understand. To see Document Read and Agree in action, request a one-on-one guided tour of our Corporate Intranet.

Notifying Your Employees

We make it easy for you to notify employees that a new policy, procedure or other document has been published that requires employees read and agree confirmation with the Policy Reminder Widget. This will appear on the intranet home page, or another specified page, with the number of policies that require attention, much like it would appear on a mobile phone. Clicking the Policy Reminder Widget will direct employees to a list of documents that need to be read and agreed to.

Corporate Intranet - Document Read and Agree - Policy Reminder Widget

Notify employees of document read and agree with Policy Reminder.

Corporate Intranet - Content Management - Document Read and Agree Reminders

Determine how many read and agree reminders you need.

Document Read and Agree Reminders

To ensure no policy, procedure or document goes unread, intranet admins now have the ability to set multiple reminders that a specific action needs to be taken. When creating a policy that requires read and agree confirmation, the policy owner can define up to 3 reminders which can be in the form of email, intranet site alerts or both. Each reminder will be sent to recipients on a pre-selected date and time.

Document Read and Agree Dashboard

Intranet administrators can view all documents that have Read and Agree enabled in one central location in an easy-to-view dashboard. Having all these documents in one place makes it easy for policy owners to track which documents they’ve created that require a read and agree action for better policy management.

Corporate Intranet - Document Management - Read and Agree Dashboard

Document Read and Agree Report

As a policy owner, you can run reports on all documents that require a read and agree to pull a list of users who are recipients of the read and agree document. Having a visual report of these users helps better organize who requires a specific document that needs to be read and agreed to.

Document Management - Document Read and Agree Report