Keep Content Fresh with Policy Review Dates

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Part of Document Management is ensuring up to date revisions and changes are being made.  When the content on your business intranet is continuously being reviewed and updated you know that your site content is fresh, and that your employees have the resources they need to perform their daily tasks. Time is not wasted searching through shared drives trying to find the most up to date document.

Our Corporate Intranet from Intranet Connections provides you the tools you need to make revisions to your documents, including Smart Delegation, document versioning and automatic review dates.

Document Review Management

Keeping your documents up-to-date on your Corporate Intranet is imperative to ensuring that your business processes run smoothly.  Assign content review managers to maintain and update content on your intranet site using our smart delegation to keep your content fresh and provide your employees with the most up to date resources.

Document Review Management

Intranet Connections Document Versioning

Document Versioning

Document Versioning allows your users to check-out a document from your business intranet, make edits to that document, and then check it back in as a new version.  While a document is checked out other employees won’t be able to make changes to the document, so you know that the content on your site is as up to date as possible.

Content Review Dates

To help keep information up to date we’ve added the ability for your publishers to add review dates to intranet content. Implementing mandatory review dates is optional and can be beneficial in assisting with content audits and to support governance and publishing guidelines.

Intranet Review Date Alerts