Enhanced Employee Learning with KB Article Database

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Use the Knowledge Base (KB) Article Database on your Corporate Intranet to create an unlimited number of knowledge bases to store FAQ’s and how-to’s for your employees. Fully collaborative and searchable, KB Article Database helps you to capture intangible knowledge.

Create focused KB Article that are secured and for informational purposes only, or open it up for collaboration allowing employees to post, comment and share their insights and experience.

Educating Your Employees

KB Articles are a great way to reduce the workload of your Human Resources and IT departments by providing instructional, searchable articles right on your business intranet.  Sort your KB Article Database into various categories to improve the efficiency with which your employees find the articles the are looking for.  Categories may include general IT questions, intranet how-to’s, new hire FAQ’s and much more.

Intranet Connections KB Articles

Intranet Tutorials

Help your users navigate through your new Corporate Intranet through Getting Started KB Articles.  Combine KB Articles with Intranet Tutorials for the most robust user learning experience, or add links to Online Surveys to allow employees to give feedback on your KB Article Database and provide suggestions for improvement.

Departmental KB Articles

Add a KB Article Database to each of your Department Sites with specific FAQ articles related to IT, Human Resources, Communications and various other departments.  Or, add a KB articles application to a project team site to provide team members with instructions on how to use the page for collaborative efforts and to answer other frequently asked questions regarding the project in general.

Corporate Intranet FAQ's