Manage Paper Library Resources Online

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The Library allows you to list all corporate resources available for check-out that are not located online, such as binders, newspapers, magazines, tablets, DVD’s and books. Items can be organized, and displayed, in folders based on category. The Library’s resources can be viewed alphabetically in a simple table view making content easy to find and easy to check-out. The Library allows for librarians, training departments, and others, to make their offline resources available to employees.

The Library ensures all corporate resources that aren’t available online are organized, and available, for employees to utilize. To see the Library feature in action, request a FREE demo.

Library Forms Fields

Keep track of the resources in your Library by adding a title, source, publication date, page count, ISBN Number, description and even cover art. Add tags to ensure the item can be easily searched throughout your intranet and list the contact information of the person responsible for checking-out an item.

Intranet Library Resources Form

Organize library content with filters and tags.

Offline Library Resource Lending

Check-Out Library Resources

In a large organization there are many resources available to employees, some of which may not be online, such as books, DVD’s and tablets. Once the offline Library resources have been added to the Library, employees can easily check-out items they may need. The departments lending the materials can specify if the item is to be picked up or will be sent to the employee. They can set how long the loan period should be, and get notified when items are overdue. Once the item is ready to be returned, employees can simply select ‘check-in’ on the resource listing.

Commenting & Ratings

Allowing Commenting and Content Rating on the material stored in your Library can be beneficial in determining the quality of your content and assist other employees in determining which content will be most helpful. Comments can be monitored by adding in a moderator to receive emails each time a comment is posted. Content Rating can be as easy as implementing thumbs up (like) and thumbs down (dislike).

Intranet Library Resources Commenting Moderation

Determine the quality of your content with Comments & Ratings.