Powerful Document & Policy Management

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Policy Management on your Corporate Intranet is a centralized policy repository that holds all of your company policies and manuals in one location for employees to easily search for and retrieve.  Choose to attach files or use our wiki-like web docs, and add tags to make content even easier for your employees to find.

Part of document and policy management is ensuring up-to-date revisions and changes are made, keeping your content fresh and relevant.  With our scheduled review process content managers will be notified when their document or policy needs to be revised.

Improve Policy Organization

Our multiple file upload feature is an extremely useful tool which eases the addition of documents and policies onto your business intranet.  Create a multi-level folder structure for more organized Policy Management, and then upload your documents all at once into their respective folders and sub-folders for quick and easy set up.

Policy Management Folders

Streamline adding Policies to your intranet with multi-file upload.

Find Policies on Your Corporate Intranet

Making Policies Searchable

The policies located on your intranet are likely used by your employees on a daily basis.  It is therefore necessary to ensure that they are easy to find.  Full-text search ensures that your employees will find the content they are looking for, whether their search terms are contained in the document’s title or within the document itself.

Flexible Policy Management

Your documents and policies may come in the form of uploaded files, or you may want to type them in directly onto the intranet in a wiki-like web doc. Either way, our flexible Policy Management allows you to upload and post content in whichever way makes the most sense for your business.

Intranet Policy Management

Upload a new policy file or type it in directly.