Track & Manage Policies with Policy Manager

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Ensuring important policies, procedures and documents have been read is imperative to your organizations day-to-day operations. Policy Manager streamlines this process by confirming that these documents have not only been read, but that they have been agreed to. From there, you can easily track all of this in one central location.

Accessible through the People Directory, Policy Manager displays all content that requires a read and agree, or a review, all in an easy-to-read dashboard. To better organize your policies, procedures and documents with Policy Manager, request a one-on-one guided tour of our Corporate Intranet with a product specialist.

Track & Manage Policy Review Dates

If you are a policy owner, Policy Manager will display all policies and procedures created by you with the review date. This allows you to keep track all of policies that require updating on a pre-selected date at the time the policy was created. This will ensure all policies are properly updated to avoid employees accessing old, outdated information.

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Manage Policies That Need Confirmation

There will be several policies, procedures and documents that require you to read and agree to them. Policy Manager puts all of these documents into one place for you so you can easily see what you need to read and agree to. The organized dashboard view makes it simple to track and manage these documents, especially if you are saving them for a later date.

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View Past Policies That Have Been Confirmed

Perhaps there are policies and procedures you have read and agreed to, but would like to take a look at them again. Policy Manager keeps all documents you have read and agreed to in a simple dashboard so that you have a history of all past policies and procedures. This is extremely beneficial when it comes time to do an audit, as all past policies will be displayed in, and accessible from, Policy Manager.

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