Simple & Intuitive Online Forms

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Unleash the power of Online Forms with Intranet Connections to streamline workflows, automate business processes and eliminate redundant, manual business tasks.  Our Online Forms are built through a front-end, drag-and-drop, user-friendly interface – no IT-experience required!

Build any number of Online Forms with smart logic like conditional triggers, formula calculation, database query fields and spreadsheets.  With our simple security settings you choose who can see, search for and report on form submissions.  Create private fields, toggled sections and even brand your forms.

See this functionality in action and learn how to build your own Online Forms by requesting a free Guided Tour of our Corporate Intranet today!

Easy Mileage Calculation

The simple mileage calculator allows your employees to easily log employee travel by using our GPS mapping technology.  They simply need to select their starting and ending points on the interactive map, and their mileage will be calculated for them.  Using our embedded spreadsheet functionality they can then add a new row to their form to add on a new trip, and automatic formulas will add up all trips within the spreadsheet to display a grand total at the bottom of the form.

Mileage Calculation with Online Forms

Track employee’s travel mileage with easy mileage calculation.

Formulas & Triggers

Add formulas to your spreadsheets to harness the power of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division within your Online Forms.  Add form triggers to display certain fields only if a total has been reached on the form, such as an optional message box prompting the user to enter a reason for the form exceeding a specified amount.

Embedded Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets collect repeated occurrences of the same data, which means your employees can add an unlimited number of rows to their form in order to capture all available information without the redundancy of completing and submitting multiple forms. Pre-population of employee data upon entry into any form also decreases the time it takes for your users to submit their forms.

Intranet Connections Form Spreadsheets

Reduce the time it takes employees to submit data.

Online Forms - Export to Excel

Report Export to Excel

Quickly and easily report on Online Form responses in an Excel spreadsheet. Simply select “form responses” then export the form records to Excel. These can be saved on your computer for later use once your form expires.

Report Export to PDF

Similar to exporting to Excel, you can quickly create an Online Form response report in a PDF. Like with Excel, simply select a form response and then export the form record to a PDF. This is a great way to keep multiple records of your form responses for later comparison.

Online Forms Export to PDF