Create Efficiencies with Publishing Workflows

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Encourage intranet adoption and enhance employee engagement with our Publishing Workflows feature that allows you to designate numerous content publishers on your corporate intranet in order to liberate and improve content collaboration, while adding approval processes to filter content before publishing.

With the simplicity of our intranet software any one of your users has the ability to add and edit content, allowing for a breadth of information to be published from a variety of perspectives.  This content can be added and monitored in a highly controlled manner using Publishing Workflows, which allow you to add one or more approval managers to ensure posted content follows company policy guidelines.

Engage Employees with Content Collaboration

Increasing content variety is simple with Publishing Workflows. Your employees have an immense versatility of knowledge and talent, which can be of use when it comes to posting content in applications such as Topic Discussions, Kudos Employee Recognition and Job Openings. Promoting and publishing a variety of contributors through content collaboration on your corporate intranet  will help to engage different employee audiences to increase user adoption and further interaction and activity.

Employee Recognition on Your Business Intranet

Intranet Connections Publishing Workflows

Publishing Workflows Security

Security settings applied to your Business Intranet Tools, such as Form Builder or Company Contacts, may need to be more restrictive than those applied to your Social Intranet Tools, like Blogging or Idea Exchange. Publishing Workflows put you in control, allowing you to open up certain applications to all users to add, edit, or even delete content, while maintaining control over the content which is posted.

Flexible Publishing Workflows

There are many different options when it comes to Publishing Workflows, which can be easily added to your applications with simple drag and drop functionality. Simply add one approval stage or multiple approval stages, notification stages and after approval notification stages as needed. Choose a single single approval manager, multiple approval managers or designate an entire group to approve content prior to it being published. Flexible Publishing Workflows gives you the ability automate publishing and approval to get content approved on your corporate intranet more quickly and easily than ever before.

Publishing Workflows for Applications