Robust Online Forms Workflows & Routing

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With Intranet Connections you can automate workflows and routing using Form Builder. Workflows are used to ensure business processes are executed on-time by automatically notifying key business stakeholders of decisions pending their approval.

Specify approval managers for each form to receive notifications alerting them that a form requires their approval, with the added option to escalate the form to an additional approval manager if need be.  Approval status and form submission information is all contained on the intranet for easy review later.

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Managerial Workflows Approval

You can easily add approval stages and approval managers to any form through adding specific users or designating manager roles for approval, such as supervisor. There are additional options to require secondary approval managers through enabling triggers based on decision, pre-approval amount, etc.

Choosing Intranet Workflows & Approval Manager

Optional Escalated Workflows Approval

Advanced options available in the form workflow allows the approval manager to escalate decisions to his/her supervisor on a decision-by-decision basis. When the form has been approved, a notification will automatically be sent to the form submitter. However, you may also add additional notifications to the workflow process simply through the drag and drop tool. 

Workflow Approvals & History

Once a form has been submitted, each user can check the status of the approval at any point throughout the workflow process under their “forms pending approval” area. Also available is the form workflow history of all forms submitted from a user, a manager and an administrator perspective.

History of Online Form Workflows Approval