Efficient & Organized Employee Onboarding

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Employee Onboarding is a key component of your employee engagement and retention strategies, not to mention critical to employee training and productivity. Ideally, your Employee Onboarding process would be efficient, seamless and routine, but in reality it is often manual, tedious and riddled with inconsistencies.

Luckily, Intranet Connections has the right solution for your Employee Onboarding needs with a suite of features that will streamline, automate and organize your onboarding process. See the Employee Onboarding tools in action by requesting a Guided Tour of our Corporate Intranet with a Product Specialist.

Onboarding with Forms & Documents

The fundamental to Employee Onboarding is having all your new employees complete the necessary forms and read the required documentation. This is easy to facilitate through your Intranet Connections’ Corporate Intranet with Online Forms and Document Read/Agree features. Create an onboarding checklist on your intranet using our eForms & Workflow tools to completely manage the onboarding process in a centralized location linking out to resources and materials from the checklist as required.

New Employee Online Forms

Create an onboarding checklist using eForms & Workflows.

Online Training Calendar for Employee Onboarding

New Employee Orientation & Online Training

Take the stress out of organizing and facilitating new employee orientation with our Online Registration Calendar to allow new employees to register for sessions online. The Online Registration Calendar allows instructors and administrators to view and report on the class registration, class waitlists, etc. Make your new employee orientation even easier by conducting the sessions online through eLearning modules, complete with Online Tests and Automated Scoring.

Onboarding Site

Centralize your Employee Onboarding with a Human Resources Onboarding Site on your intranet. Simply create a new site and house all your onboarding resources in one area, including:

  • The Employee Handbook
  • New Employee Forms
  • Company Values & Mission Statement
  • New Employee Training Modules
  • New Featured Employee Feed

There is ample opportunity to ramp up your Employee Onboarding content and material with a dedicated onboarding site to help new employees get up to speed on how to use the intranet and where to find information.

New Employee Onboarding Site on the Intranet

Easily centralize Employee Onboarding by creating an HR site.

Simple Online Tests and Automated Scoring

Employee Onboarding Online Tests & Scoring

An important part of onboarding a new employee is the distribution and digestion of company information, policies, procedures and protocols. In order to confirm these documents have been comprehended or the training sessions have been effective you must measure the comprehension of this new material. Simply create Online Tests & Automated Scoring to test comprehension and deliver immediate results to the test taker with a pass/fail mark. Allow new employees to retake the tests multiple times without worrying about answer memorization with Randomized Question Banks.

Welcome & Appreciate

Make new employees feel appreciated and welcomed with our connection and collaboration tools on your intranet. Assign an Onboarding Peer to “welcome” your new employee to the organization and get them up-to-speed on tools, such as your intranet. The Onboarding Peer can then leverage the collaboration tools on your intranet to send messages via Message Boards, invite the new employee to Topical Discussion Forums and share links to Community Sites, Event Sites and Executive Blogs. Recognize the significance of a new employee joining the team by making them the new featured employee on your Featured Employee Feed on your intranet home page or Human Resource site. These small welcomes and recognitions can really make a difference in engagement levels for new employees as they onboard.

Featured Employee - Employee Recognition

Assign an onboarding peer to welcome new hires.