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Interactive Tutorials are convenient and powerful learning tools to encourage intranet adoption and employee empowerment on your own branded Corporate Intranet. These Interactive Tutorials will guide your users through different pages, presenting custom tips with specific instructions on navigating through and contributing content to your Corporate Intranet.

The goal is to provide a framework that reduces the amount of written or video documentation provided to end users when deploying new functionality by guiding them through the process directly within the site.

Getting Started with Interactive Tutorials

Creating an intro tutorial for your intranet site is guaranteed to make your employees more comfortable with navigating and contributing to your business intranet.  Key applications such as the People Directory, Online Forms, Online Training Calendar and the Events Calendar should all be covered in this first tutorial to ensure your employees are comfortable with the intranet in order to utilize it for their daily business processes.

Simple Employee On-boarding with Interactive Tutorials

New Employee Onboarding New Employees

Interactive Tutorials are a powerful addition to your new Employee Onboarding training package, to ensure that those coming into your organization are familiar with the functionality of your intranet and how to navigate most efficiently around the site in order to find the Documents and Applications they need.

Keeping Content Fresh and Employees Informed

Making content or design changes to your corporate intranet site is a great way to keep intranet content fresh and engage your users.  However, change is always met with some resistance, even when it beneficial for your employees. Remove resistance by creating an Interactive Tutorial explaining changes made to the site, and where content can be located.

Intranet Connections Tutorials