Identify & Connect with Employee Org Chart

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With the People Directory, it is easy to find and connect with an employee. However, sometimes knowing who you are looking for in the organization is half the battle. Viewing an entire department and its employee hierarchy can help you identify the right contact that can make things happen.

The Employee Org Chart on your Corporate Intranet does just that. The Employee Org Chart application displays supervisor and manager relationships for employee’s at-a-glance. Looking for an executive to champion the intranet for their department? Simply search for employees in the People Directory and use the built-in Employee Org Chart to discover who in that department is best suited as your contact. Take a FREE Guided Tour through our Corporate Intranet to see how our Employee Org Chart can better connect your employees.

Visually Organize Employees

With the Employee Org Chart, you can simply look up who reports to whom with just a click of the mouse. The manager-to-employee relationship can be accessed through the Employee Profile. Simply search for an employee on the People Directory, click onto their profile and the Employee Org Chart application will display which department they are in and who they report to at-a-glance

employee organizational chart

employee org chart - employee to manager

Manage Employee to Supervisor Relationships

Using the Employee Org Chart, you can manage employee-to-supervisor relationships quickly and easily. Manually set who reports to whom, or simply import the relationships from the robust People Directory. This allows you to maintain employee relationships efficiently, as well as makes it simple to add new employees with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Connect & Collaborate Quickly

Need to connect with someone from the Marketing Department? The Employee Org Chart also provides a way for you to contact anyone in a department, allowing users to connect with multiple parties quickly. Once you’re viewing the Employee Org Chart, simply select who it is you wish to connect with and you will have the option to directly e-mail, post on to Message Boards, Live Chat or Follow the Colleague(s). This is especially useful for those in large organizations with several departments.

connect and collaborate quickly