Customize Your Own Employee Workspace

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Build personalized Employee Profiles & Workspaces with widgets within the People Directory. Each Employee Profile & Workspace allows you to pull site content that you are interested in, and can be personalized with bookmarks, content subscriptions, frequently used documents and more.

If your business isn’t ready to deploy personalized employee profiles, workspaces and social tools, instantly disable these features on your intranet in just one click.

Personalized Employee Workspace

Add in a variety of widgets such as message boxes, images, flash embeds, content feeds, social widgets and external contents to your personal employee workspace. This area cannot be seen by other employees and therefore you can use this space to post both work related tasks along with personal to-do lists and family photos.

The message box widget has a ton of functionality which allows you to add in text, images and tables, or upload entire documents right to your personal Employee Workspace. Keep yourself organized by using this message box widget to create a To Do list within your employee space for both work and personal reminders.

Intranet Employee Workspace

Pulling in RSS Feeds

Add in an RSS feed to your personal employee workspace to stay updated with articles from your favorite sites around the web. Web feeds provide web content or summaries of web content together with links to the full versions of the content, and other types of data.  Common feed resources include Yahoo News, CNN, New York Times and MSN.

Page Bookmarks & Tools

Access Page Bookmarks & Tools in the top right corner of every page to share content, bookmark, print, or email. Choosing to Share Content allows you to promote intranet content to your colleagues. These features are indispensable for employees and site managers. From any page on the intranet, an employee can choose to share the content and we capture the link and a snippet of text on what the page is about, offer a message box and who you want to send the content to, and we do the rest of the work publishing and sharing the information through our employee Message Boards. Site managers can jump into administrative settings from any page through these tools.

Share Content with Your Colleagues

Share, bookmark or print content with Page Bookmarks & Tools.

Skills Tagging

You can always filter and find employees by department, division or take it one step further and find employees based on commonality through tagging. We have Corporate Intranet customers who have used tagging to identify employees based on their skill sets, such as “First Aid Certification”, “PMP Certified”, “Dog Trainer” and “Yoga Master”. You can also use tagging for social elements like who is “Willing to Carpool” or “Corporate Softball Team”, which works well for finding a “buddy” to seek out when onboarding new employees.

Employee Milestones

Stay connected with your colleagues by viewing upcoming employee birthdays and anniversaries within the People Directory or right on the home page of your Corporate Intranet. Celebrate employee milestones by featuring celebrated employees right on the home page with the option for other employees to send them a greeting via email or on their employee message board.

Share Content with Your Colleagues

Display employee’s celebrating important milestones.

Alerts & Subscriptions

You can subscribe to content that is published throughout the site. This means when new (or updated) content is published to an area you are interested in, you will receive an alert through this area. You can also set up email alerts. Subscribe to new content through the Toolbox feature located on the top right of each application, or choose your subscriptions from your manage subscriptions area within your employee profile.

Some alerts are set automatically, without a subscription. These include (if applicable) any review date reminders on content you have published, alerts to notify you someone has commented on content you have published, any status change to Support Desk tickets you may have submitted, and any wall alerts you have created.

Featured Employee Feed

Featured Employee Profile Feed allow you to display specific employees right on the home page or a department site page that meet certain criteria, such those celebrating a special achievement, or new hires to the company. Add an employee profile widget to a department site to randomly display a new profile of a department member each month, day, week, or even hour, helping employees within a department get to know one another better.

Featured Employee Feed Intranet

Feature employees, such as new hires.