Employee Recognition = Employee Retention

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The Employee Recognition application allows your employees to nominate their fellow co-workers for public recognition of a job well done.  It works wonders for improving employee engagement and enhancing morale within the office, and can even lead to employee retention.

Open up your Employee Recognition application to all employees or lock it down to only managers and higher-ups to nominate fellow employees for their outstanding work. Alternatively, allow anyone to submit a nomination, but add an approval process to ensure all nominations meet company policy prior to posting.

Employee Recognition on Your Corporate Intranet

We all enjoy being recognized by our peers and this social intranet application does just that.  Display your Employee Recognitions in an easy to view table format which displays the nominator, the nominee, the reason for nominating and any tags associated with the nomination.  This allows other employees to quickly pop into the application to view who has recently received a employee recognition nomination and why, inspiring them to work hard and try and achieve their own employee recognition nomination.

Fill out a Employee Recognition on Your Company Intranet


intranet comments and ratings

Encourage Interaction with Comments & Ratings

Encourage employee engagement by adding Comments and Ratings to your Employee Recognition application, removing the negative thumbs down rating to encourage positive interaction. Employees can “like” a nomination, or leave comments to support nominations which can be monitored by a comment moderator.

Advertising Your Employee Recognition Awards

Add an application feed to your home page to pull out the most recent Employee Recognition awards, or simply add in an image widget which displays the area where employees can click into to view Employee Recognition nominations and fill out their own employee nomination form.  The Employee Recognition image widget is the preferred method of advertisement among our customers as it encourages employees to click into the application to view all recent nominations rather than just the few most recent.

Advertise Employee Recognitions on Your Intranet