Engage & Inspire with Enterprise Networking

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Modern intranets include Enterprise Social Networking tools that encourage collaboration and participation by company employees. Use our enterprise networking and communication tools built into the Corporate Intranet and structure the use of these tools to encourage business goals, company vision, culture, leadership mentoring and improved customer service.

Organizations that want to tread slowly into social waters can do so with Intranet Connections. We give you the control to have no social, a little bit of social, and control who uses social networking if you want to begin with pilot groups.

Employee Message Boards

Within the People Directory we have employee message boards for employees to post questions, seek advice, have conversations and tap the collective knowledge.  Many of our customers use the Message Boards for leadership by having their executives and management share company goals, vision, support of cultural change, and best practices towards better customer service.

To help with social governance, each employee message board has an area for guidelines to be posted by the intranet administrator. Open up the boards and let everyone contribute freely or lock it down to use only for pushing out management messages to staff.  We put you in control.

Follow Colleagues Activity Feed

Follow Colleagues

Follow Colleagues activity is a feed within your Employee Profile space of all content posted onto the Message Boards of employees you are following as well content they have posted to other employees’ boards, or any comments they have made.  The feed allows you to view what your colleagues are up to and to interact with and comment on postings as well.  With the colleagues activity feed you’re always in the loop with the comings and goings of your fellow colleagues. The colleagues activity stream can be set up to follow any one of your fellow employees, be it a colleague, a team member or a manager.

Status Updates

Status Updates allow employees to enter in what they may be working on or their in/out status for when they are out of the office, providing the option to provide the reason: attending a conference, on vacation, home sick, on the road, or working from home. With Status Update you can also enter a return date to the office and the intranet will automatically update your status. Pre-set future away dates with Status Update for further automation so that the entire organization can see that you are away or out of office, and when you will be back.