Use the Help Desk Ticketing to Manage IT Workload

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The Help Desk Ticketing application is an invaluable tool for your organization which works to decrease strain on your IT department by helping to track and manage support tickets.  It is an online source for employees to post their issues and submit tickets for techs to investigate and respond.

Employees can track their submitted tickets, including ticket status and estimated completion dates with our Help Desk Ticketing application.  They will be notified by a technician as soon as their issue is resolved and they can easily review previously submitted issued through the closed ticket search.

Tracking Outstanding Tickets

With the Help Desk Ticketing application you can assign a Help Desk supervisor to monitor incoming tickets, mark their priority and assign them to various support technicians, or have tickets assigned automatically.  Once assigned, tickets fall into the technicians’ assigned tickets queue with the time and date the ticket was created.  The technician can review the issue, add in their notes and then mark the ticket as closed once it has been resolved.

Intranet Help Desk Ticketing

intranet alerts

Help Desk Ticketing Alerts

Add alerts to your Help Desk Ticketing application, such as systems down notices or scheduled maintenance notifications, to reduce the influx of calls to your IT Support desk. Advertise your alerts right on the home page to ensure that all your employees see the notice, and add from and to display dates to scheduled maintenance alerts to automatically remove the notice after the maintenance time period has passed.

Tracking Open and Closed Tickets

The ticket search area on our Help Desk Ticketing application makes it easy to look up new, pending, or closed tickets.  Search by technician, priority, subject, resolution, keywords and ticket number in all or any one of your help desk ticketing categories. The ticket search feature is beneficial for reviewing all open tickets, and results can be exported into an excel spreadsheet or PDF document for easy reporting.

Intranet Help Desk Tickets