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Your work is not confined within the four walls of your office, so why should your intranet be? In this digital age of mobile communications and mobile workplaces, mobility on your business intranet is key.

On the road or from home, our mobile intranet allows for constant communication and collaboration with colleagues as well as easy access to all of your business intranet resources. Go mobile yourself, request a FREE 21-Day Trial of our Corporate Intranet to see the portability and functionality behind our Mobile Intranet.

In Tune & In Touch

Just because you are out of the office doesn’t mean you have to feel disconnected. Remote users can be in touch and online using our mobile intranet access or by accessing the regular web version of your intranet from a mobile browser. Our mobile intranet access gives mobile users the mobility to stay in touch and in tune with the latest company news, activities and communications of the office without having to be physically present to respond, contribute or proactively reach out to colleagues.

Mobile Intranet Features

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Portability = Productivity

Many customers find even just having access to their employee directory makes their lives easier. Whether a sales person is looking up a specific product technician or finding out who is available and in the office to reach out to through status updates and in/out notices, our mobile intranet access to the People Directory ends up being one of the most valuable resources while on the road or working from home.

Keyword Search & Bookmarks

Tap into all of your business intranet resources with mobile intranet access. Find exactly what you are looking for in Documents & Policies, Company News, Department Sites, Company Contacts and more, all from a mobile friendly view. Our mobile intranet access is available and supported on all major mobile operating systems, including: Apple (iOS), Android and Blackberry.

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