Stay in Sync with Outlook Calendar Sync

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Microsoft Outlook Exchange Calendar Synchronization makes it easy to tie mailbox calendars to your corporate intranet and display their contents in widgets on your site home pages.  Pull from one, or multiple mailboxes and add color coding to differentiate the two within your consolidated calendar.

Use this feature to tell your organization about corporate and community events, share meeting room or projector bookings and announce office closures.

Modifying Your Outlook Calendar View

Your Microsoft Outlook Calendar can be viewed in a list view with record count pagination, or in a daily view to display only events occurring today.  Additional options can be turned on and off such as displaying the location of the meeting or event.  Exchange calendars are a great way to keep your employees informed while maintaining the organization of your corporate intranet.

Exchange Settings on Your Business Intranet

Change the view of your calendar to display a list or daily events.

Microsoft Outlook Exchange on Your Intranet

Syncing Your Microsoft Outlook Calendars

Your Outlook Calendar Sync interval can be determined in your mailbox settings.  Choose to sync your mailbox daily, weekly, monthly or set your own custom time interval. Pull in mailboxes with different sync intervals and display them on one calendar together on your homepage.

Color Coding Your Events

When pulling in multiple Microsoft Outlook Calendars into one calendar on your site home page or department site page, it is beneficial to separate the two using the color coding feature.  This allows you to consolidate your Exchange calendars into one central calendar while keeping things organized.

Intranet Connections Exchange Calendars

Differentiate between multiple calendar events with color codes.