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The People Directory is where employees can connect and network with each other through Message Boards, Live Chat, Skills Tagging, Status Updates, subscription alerts and Employee Profiles for true corporate social networking. Our directory has an emphasis on social capabilities, but you can easily disable them or choose certain users who should have corporate social networking capabilities and who should not.

Your Corporate Intranet from Intranet Connections comes with tools that help you connect and collaborate better, such as Company News, Documents & Policies Management, Corporate Contacts, Job Openings and much more. Our People Directory also has a built-in Emp Org Chart which displays each employee’s supervisor, along with anyone they supervise, allowing you to connect with various employees more quickly.

Simple Colleague Look-up

Our quick search on the People Directory allows you to begin typing in the name of one of your colleagues, displaying results in real-time while you search.  Search results are displayed in employee mini cards, with information such as the employee’s name, position, department, phone number and status.  Employee mini cards are customizable – leave in the default mini card fields or change it up, we leave it up to you!

Find the colleague you are looking for on the People Directory by searching by name, department, division or tags associated with the individual.  Tags such as “Technical”, “First Aid” and “Carpooling” come in handy when looking up employees associated with a specific topic rather than department or division. Try it out for yourself by requesting a FREE 21-day trial of our Corporate Intranet Software today.

Business Intranet People Directory

Intranet People Directory Best Practices

People Directory Best Practices

In his blog “6 Reasons for Staff Photos on the Intranet”, one of our amazing customer champions Peter Barron explains the importance of having your staff display their photo within their intranet People Directory profile and how to make it happen.