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A social intranet promotes employee engagement by offering tools that foster peer-to-peer collaboration and employee participation on the intranet. This can help to enhance and support culture, your corporate values, mission statement and annual company goals. Our social Employee Engagement tools create social intranet software that drives a more team-orientated workplace where executives, management and company leaders have a presence and provide mentorship to employees through the business intranet. Your Corporate Intranet social and business tools can help to support your culture and company goals, whichever way you choose to use them.

The social elements of Intranet Connections are designed to feature enterprise social networking where it pertains to business needs. We offer two-way communication channels like Live Chat, Company Blogs, Idea Share Exchange and Employee Message Boards. You can build community and conversations with our social intranet software that may not exist in your physical environment and bring together peers from various locations. Try our Employee Engagement tools – request a FREE 21-Day Corporate Intranet Trial now!

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Employee Engagement & Culture Building Features

intranet recipe sharing

Connect employees with common interests through a Community Site on your intranet to engage, connect and collaborate.

Intranet Connections Topic Discussions

Create discussion forums surrounding topics of interest and allow employees to subscribe, set alert notifications, search and thread conversations.

Intranet Blogging

Keep employees up-to-date and engaged with upper management through corporate and executive blogging on your Corporate Intranet.

quick polls

Gain instant feedback and improve employee engagement with simple, one-question Quick Polls on your Corporate Intranet.

Events Calendar

Setting up your company calendar on your intranet is simple with conflict checking, custom alerts and adding events to Outlook.

Community Sites

Connect employees with common interests through a Community Site on your intranet to engage, connect and collaborate.

Company News

Quickly publish articles, videos or podcasts about the company or industry, with automated archiving to keep content fresh.

Job Openings

Easily post and organize job postings on the intranet, giving employees advanced notice about internal opportunities to review and apply.

Idea Share Exchange

Engage employees to participate & contribute to the growth of your business through our Ideas Share/Exchange application.

Online Photo Albums

Photo Albums on your Corporate Intranet lend to the company culture by sharing event photos, team-building activities, embedded videos, project images, corporate logos, customer photos.

Buy And Sell Exchange

A purely social application that allows staff to post items they have for sale, or put up a notice on wanting to buy merchandise.

image slider

Engage employees and drive traffic to areas of your Corporate Intranet with a Rotating Image Slider and embedded links.

Online Store

Great for incentives and gamification on your intranet with inventory tracking, shopping cart and internal purchase transactions.