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One of the most popular apps when first introducing the intranet can be the Buy and Sell  Exchange, or intranet classifieds. It is a purely social application that allows staff to post items they have for sale, or put up a notice on wanting to buy merchandise. Buy and Sell can also be used for sharing babysitters, neighborhood restaurants, or any other networking information that could be useful for employees.

The Buy & Sell Exchange is most often an open application that allows all employees to post ads, upload photos and then mark items as sold.  Essentially, it is completely managed and maintained by employees.  For added security, however, we give you the option for items to go through an approval process prior to posting to ensure all items meet company guidelines and policy.

“Craigslist” on Your Social Intranet

Selling items online can be a hassle.  You don’t know the person you are buying from which could mean an illegitimate purchase, or they may be located in a different city or an area which is inconvenient for you to get to.  Reduce the hassle by allowing employees to post items on your Corporate Intranet with Buy & Sell Exchange.  Add in a description, asking price, and a photo of the item for sale. Each posted item displays the seller’s mini card, making it simple for other employees to get in touch with them if they are interested in the item for sale.

Buy and Sell on Your Corporate Intranet

Advertising Buy and Sell Items

Advertising can be very effective in pushing content to your employees and for highlighting new and relevant information.  This option is enabled or disabled at the folder level which means you can allow for some item types to have the ability to be advertised and others to not be. Since this setting can easily be turned on and off you may want to advertise items within the buy and sell on initial intranet launch and turn it off once employees know where to find the application.

Organize Your Buy & Sell Exchange

Sort your items by category using folders to make items easy for your employees to find. Organizing items within your categories into an easy table format list view allows employees to pop into the buy and sell application quickly, see what’s for sale and then click into an item to view details or leave the application if they don’t see anything they like.

Business Intranet Buy and Sell