Stay Informed with Company News

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Create articles to share Company News and keep employees up to date on what’s happening in your organization. Your Company News can help boost your employee engagement levels by keeping your employees informed and in-the-loop.

Assign specific employees to post information or boost collaboration by opening up the application to all employees to post content, adding in a content approval workflow to ensure postings comply with company policies.

Company News Updates

Keep your employees informed by posting updates such as holiday schedules, your monthly newsletter, appointments and promotions, major changes to policies and procedures and much more, all with the Intranet Connections’ Company News feature. Create two Company News sections and utilize one for information privy only to CEO’s and higher-ups, with iron clad view security to ensure information stays secured.

Company News on Your Corporate Intranet

Update employees with latest Company News.

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Employee News Boosts Intranet Adoption

Enhance your Company Culture by creating an Employee News application where your employees can post their own updates and milestones.  Whether it’s personal accomplishments such as finishing a marathon, having a baby or finishing a diploma, or workplace accomplishments such as meeting a fundraising goal or having the best department decorations for the holiday, allowing your employees to post their own articles in a shared area on the intranet will boost your intranet adoption and improve the culture of your workplace.

Broadcast News on Home Page

Adding a Content Feed Widget or a Whats New Widget to your homepage allows you to add articles to the Company News application and have them automatically advertised to your employees as soon as they login to the intranet.  This ensures that your employees are informed and up to date on important news within the company, without having them navigate throughout your entire Business Intranet to find it.

Intranet Company News Advertising

Share news right to intranet home page.