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Open your Corporate Intranet for brainstorming and give employees the opportunity to share ideas for new products, increased productivity, or company procedures. Creating threaded conversations on your intranet are huge in place of email or chat because the content can be archived and searched.

Submitted ideas are then put through a custom workflow process.  Ideas can be sent to HR and then escalated if they are thought to be beneficial to the organization.  Notifications can be sent automatically to the submitting user if an idea they have submitted is then approved by upper management.

Idea Share Exchange on Your Intranet

Your Employees as a Valuable Resource

Your employees are in the best position to view how company policies and procedures play out within the day-to-day operations of the business.  An implemented company procedure may seem as though it will improve processes, but you may be missing how the process is actually playing out on the front-end.  This is where your employees come in.  They offer a great perspective on how policies play out, and may be able to offer suggestions for change.

Corporate Intranet Idea Share Exchange

Utilize employees as a resource for improvements.

Idea Share Exchange - Business Intranet

Encouraging Employee Input

Turn on comments and ratings in your Idea Share application to encourage other employees to add on to or disagree with posted ideas and add in their own suggestions. This allows employees with the same ideas to collaborate on one posting rather than multiple submissions of the same idea.

Establishing Idea Share Exchange Categories

Separate your Idea Share Exchanges into various different categories such as Corporate Culture, Employee Engagement, Green Initiatives, Policy and Procedure and Workflow Ideas.  Employees can click into the application and browse the various categories to determine if they have anything to add of value and then submit their ideas using the user-friendly simple Idea Share form which allows them to upload links and file attachments to support their submission.

Exchange Ideas with Employees on Your Intranet

Establish various categories for ideas.