Creating Opportunities with Job Openings

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Create internal opportunities for promotion by sharing current job openings on your Corporate Intranet. Employees can apply for open positions, suggest colleagues who may be a good fit for the role, or spread the word, helping you to recruit through word-of-mouth.

Create feature-rich job application forms, which dynamically pull out employee information and allow applicants to upload their resumes and cover letters, with approval workflow to automatically send applications to the HR manager or position coordinator.

Job Openings Feature

Flexible Job Posting Format

Your Intranet Connections’ Job Openings comes with our pre-set job posting form which allows you to fill in posted job information such as a title, start and close date, location, qualifications, skills required hours, salary etc., making it easy and convenient for you to begin posting your open positions right away. ¬†However, these forms are highly customizable – you can add, edit or delete fields as you wish, or change the order they appear in using our simple drag and drop functionality.

Intranet Job Openings Form

intranet job openings application

Job Openings Workflow

Advertising internal Job Openings onto your Corporate Intranet reduces paper forms by moving the entire job application process online. When an employee applies for a job listed on the intranet, using the interactive eForm application, the form then enters into a pre-determined workflow approval process. Using workflow triggers, forms can be sent to different individuals depending on the job title being applied for.

Feature-Rich Application Forms

Job Openings makes it simple and convenient for your employees to apply for job openings right on your Corporate Intranet. Feature-rich forms dynamically pull out the job applicant’s information, including name, email, supervisor or other employee information contained on their intranet employee profile, reducing the time it takes to fill out an application. Toggled sections also help to reduce the length of the forms, making them more organized and aesthetically pleasing to fill out.

Intranet Employee Application Form