Online Photo Albums Enhance Company Culture

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With our Online Photo Albums, it’s a snap to get your company photos and videos onto your Corporate Intranet to share with fellow employees. Create unlimited online albums and add titles, captions, notes, copyright and other meta data information for searching on photos and images. Photos and graphics will automatically be re-sized on the fly to create thumbnail views, and employees can rate and comment on photos.

Create as many Online Photo Albums as you want, to store company logos, images, project screen captures, or share corporate event photos like the staff holiday party.

Online Photo Albums Approval Workflow

Increase employee engagement and collaboration on your Business Intranet by opening up a category within a photo album, or all photo albums and letting your employees post photos freely.  Not quite ready for unlimited collaboration? We understand.  That’s why we’ve added optional approval workflow to our Online Photo Albums application to give you the ability to specify an approval manager for each category within a photo album.

Approval Workflow for Intranet Online Photo Albums

Online Photo Albums Categories

Online Photo Album Categories

Create various Online Photo Albums and sort each album into various categories to organize your content and make photos easier to find.  Create one album for project photos, adding view security to each folder to ensure that only those working on the project are able to view photos.  Create another album for all of your company events, with categories for the Halloween party, the Christmas party and various other staff events.

Ratings, Comments and Tagging

Whether you are utilizing your Online Photo Albums for group collaboration on team projects, or for promoting employee engagement through posting of staff event photos, turning on ratings and comments within your album is beneficial in promoting employee interaction with your Corporate Intranet content.  Comments can be monitored by a comment moderator, and thumbs down ratings can be disabled to comply with company policy.

Intranet Photo Album Theme Voting