Connect & Engage with Recipe Exchange

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Engage employees with the ultimate social application – Recipe Exchange. The Recipe Exchange application on your Corporate Intranet allows users to share and exchange recipes with prep time, cook time, directions, servings, photos and more. Add an element of fun to your intranet with Recipe Exchange.

Recipe Exchange is a great tool for building relationships and improving employee engagement. Hold a “Best Recipe” contest, or promote a weekly appetizer on your intranet, the options are endless. Take a FREE Guided Tour through our Corporate Intranet to see how Recipe Exchange can increase employee engagement and employee bonding for your organization.

Connect Employees

Employees can connect and communicate through Recipe Exchange by sharing and swapping recipes. Did Anne from Accounting make a to-die-for dip for the company pot luck? Find out how to recreate the recipe using Recipe Exchange. Not only is this a delicious tool, it is great for getting employees to connect and build relationships outside of their traditional workplace roles.

Employees can share & swap recipes.

Advertise your Recipe Exchange

Feature  popular recipes on your intranet home page by advertising. Advertising can be enabled or disabled at any time. It is best to enable it when the application is first launched so users are aware of the Recipe Exchange and will be more likely to use it, then as it gains popularity over time, disable it.

Engage with Recipe Contests

A great use of the Recipe Exchange is holding a “Best Recipe” contest, which works just like rating on the popular recipe sites. Encourage employees to share their recipes and have users pick the recipes they like the best using the ratings feature. Not only is this a great way to improve intranet adoption, it’s a great way to get employees engaged and communicating.

Launch a “Best Recipes” content using ratings.