Accurately Search Faster with Auto Suggestion

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Unsure of the correct spelling for a file or document? Not to worry, Auto Suggestion within Enterprise Search will help you find the resource you are looking for. With predictive search term completion, Auto Suggestion will return a list of potential matches for your search based on only typing a few characters of your search term.

Auto Suggestion in your Enterprise Search not only makes searching quicker, but also more accurate and easier for your employees to use. To see our Enterprise Search with Auto Suggestion feature in action, request a FREE Corporate Intranet Demo.

Accurately Search for Employees

Auto Suggestion is a powerful tool for finding the right contact within your organization. For example, if you are looking for a colleague and know they’re last name is “Brown”, but aren’t sure of their first name, you can begin typing in the word “Brown” to trigger Auto Suggestion. Auto Suggestion will then display a drop-down list of potential search terms all with the last name “Brown”, including their first name (i.e. Jada Brown, Marty Brown, Sharon Brown).  This will enhance your Quick Search as well as quickly provide accurate search results for your users.

Predictive Search - Auto Suggestion

Easily look-up colleagues by last name to receive first name.

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Predict Multi-Word Searches

Auto Suggestion doesn’t only help with single word searches, but also with multi-word searches. You can trigger Auto Suggestion by typing in the first search term, then Auto Suggestion will return a list of matches based on the item’s title. Once you have determined what the first word is, you can begin by typing the second word in your search term, and so on. Employees don’t always know or remember how content was named. Auto Suggestion helps them narrow down their search term.

Use Your Business Language

Unlike other Enterprise Search tools, Auto Suggestion isn’t based off of a universal dictionary. All suggested search terms come from the data stored on your Corporate Intranet. For example, if you named a file “ACHCompliance”, typing in “ACH” will return “ACHCompliance” as one of the suggested terms. This will save your users time having to type out the entire name when locating a document which is especially useful when you have named files or documents by abbreviations or short-forms of words.

Intranet Search - Auto Suggestion