Visually Confirm Search Results with Display Cards

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Get a visual confirmation you have the correct search result with Enterprise Search Display Cards on Intranet Connections. Sometimes a search result description just isn’t enough, and a visual glimpse of what the document or file looks like is more helpful. Now when your users search for an item, a visual Preview Display Card of the selected search result will appear to the right of the search option, similar to that of popular search engines.

Display Cards are ideal for intranets a lot of content or for new users who are unfamiliar with which document they are looking for. Get a preview of an employee card or a visual display of a document, file, PDF or intranet page. See how Enterprise Search Tools, such as Display Cards, can benefit your organization by taking a personal demo of our Corporate Intranet.

Visually Display Search Results

When you’re not sure what you’re looking for, sometimes all it takes is a quick visual to say, “that’s it!”. With Display Cards, users get a visual display of any site, page, document, file or PDF they are looking for. When the search result title or description isn’t informative enough, Display Cards acts as a visual confirmation. In addition, if employees need to look up a document and send it to another employee, it is easier for them to quickly glance at a preview of a document rather than having to open each document to verify it is correct.

PDF Display  Card in Intranet Search

Employee Directory Intranet Search Display

Quickly View Employees

Looking up employees has never been easier! Simply search for an employee by first or last name, click the “People” option on the intranet Search Filters, and voila – you are presented with employees that have the first or last name. To ensure you find the right employee, click a name for the Display Card to appear. The Display Card will display their employee card containing their contact information. This allows your employees to quickly look up each others emails and phone numbers without leaving the search page. In the top right corner of each employee card displayed, there are quick action links allowing employees to quickly edit the page, email an event, fill out a form and more.