Enhance User Experience with Full-Text Indexing

Full-Text Indexing 2017-10-03T08:08:12-07:00

Full text searching helps enhance user experience on your business intranet by giving your employees the ability to search not just within site content but also within uploaded documents.

When search results are displayed on the site, a small icon will appear beside the items that were found through Full-Text Indexing. Full-text searching is applied to both the localized application search and the site wide search. See our Full-Text Indexing in action by requesting a FREE Guided Tour of our Corporate Intranet.

Create Collections by Apps

Depending on your organization it may make sense to have Full-Text Indexing enabled on some applications and disabled on others.  Therefore, rather than turning on and off Full-Text Indexing at a global level we give you granular control, allowing you to choose the applications that you’d like to have Full-Text Indexing enabled.

Full-Text Intranet Document Indexing

Full-Text Indexing on Multiple Files

Full-Text Indexing Files

There are many different file types you will upload on your Corporate Intranet to provide quick access to various documents for your employees.  Therefore, we provide you the ability to search within a number of document types, such as: Microsoft Office (e.d. Word, Excel, PowerPoint), WordPerfect, PDFs, HTML and Text (.txt) files. Having Full-Text Indexing available in various file formats will allow your employees to find the document they seek faster and more efficiently.

Update Collections Automatically

If you choose to maintain Full-Text Indexing, when new documents are added to an application within one of your collections it will automatically be searchable for your users.  No need to make manual updates – we make your job easier with frequent automatic updates to your Full-Text Search Collections.

Automatic updates with full-text indexing