Making Content Easily Available with Quick Search

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Site content needs to be quickly and easily available to your employees when they need it, and most employees will use the quick intranet search box to find it.  Whether they are looking for people or site content, the Quick Intranet Search box can bring up a list of results sorted by popularity, title, application, author or publish date, in an easy to read table view.

Your Quick Search box can be displayed on all pages, just the home page, or only on application pages of your Corporate Intranet. Where you choose to display your Quick Search box will be dependent on your business and internal business processes, so we provide you with the flexibility to choose what works best for you. See our Quick Search in action with Enterprise Search Results by requesting a FREE Corporate Intranet Demo.

Quick Search Anywhere

The flexibility of Intranet Connections allows you to change the location of your Quick Search box to an area which makes the most sense given the layout of your Corporate Intranet.  Choose to have your search box located in your application header, site header, or add a custom code widget to your intranet sites and place it wherever on the page you would like.

Business Intranet Quick Search

quick search

Employee Quick Search

Typing a name within the Quick Search box and then clicking the employee magnifying glass will bring up everyone within your company with that name in an easy to read table format.  For convenience you can then click into Advanced Search to refine your results, or export your search results list to excel.

Custom Search Widget

Add a custom search box widget to your site pages and customize it for employee and content search, employee search only or content search only. We allow you to customize your Quick Search box in whichever way makes sense for the site or page it is being added.

Custom Quick Search