Simplify Search Results with Search Filters

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Narrow your search result with one-click category search filters. Not only does this simplify your search results, it also helps you specify your search so you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for. Add one filter or multiple filters to your intranet search. Filter and sort your search results by author, date, application, site, page, person and more. These one-click search filters will quickly get you to the result you seek on the intranet faster.

You also have the option for Advance Search filtering for power users, allowing them to further filter search results by last modification date, list of tags and more. Try our Enterprise Search Tools yourself – request a FREE 21-Day Corporate Intranet Trial to see Enterprise Search Filtering in action!

Specify Common Search Terms

By default, search results will be returned across the entire intranet. As a result, your search may return a massive list of search terms – especially for an intranet with a lot of content. If a search term is common and too many search results are returned, you can quickly filter results with a single click of the mouse. Search Filters allow the users to specify their results based on the type of content they are looking for. For example, if you search for “cook”, you can click the People Search Filter, then people with the first or last name “Cook” will appear in the search results.

Helpful Intranet Search Filters

Impactful Search Filters

Search Filters allow users to really narrow down their intranet search. Looking for a specific page or event? Not a problem with Search Filters! Simply type in the title of the event and click “events”. The result you seek should be displayed within the top three results. Still not sure that is the result you’re looking for? Check the preview Display Card to gain visual confirmation the result you are selecting is the one you seek.

Advanced Search Filters

For the intranet keener, there is a secondary set of search filters available under Search Tools. These give power users the option to restrict their search to any site, any app, any time, any tag and any author. They then have the option to further narrow their search down from there with more specific filters, such as items modified within the past hour. These Search Filters can be used on their own or combined with others for highly targeted search results.