Gain Control of Search with Search Security

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Intranet administrators are given complete control and security over intranet search results to hide, archive or secure areas of the intranet as needed. Being responsible for protecting private content on the intranet, adminstrators can be assured that search results are never displayed to unauthorized users. You can hide documents, applications or even entire sites from intranet search.

In addition, you can hide archived items, including old policies, to automatically be removed from search ensuring only the most up-to-date information is returned. See how Search Security settings can help your organization by taking a FREE Guided Tour through our Corporate Intranet.

Secure Private Content

At some point, once you have implemented your intranet, your intranet content will grow, likely to levels you never anticipated with a well used intranet site. Some of your intranet content will likely be private or sensitive information. Not too worry. The Search Security settings built in to your Enterprise Search allows you to protect and secure private content, making it invisible in search results to unauthorized users. You can hide certain content, applications or even entire sites.

Intranet Enterprise Search

Enterprise Search Security Settings

Easily hide archived content with search settings.

Search Security for Archiving

Ensure only the most up-to-date content is being returned on a search with Search Security settings. You have the option to hide archived items from search including old policies or documents so that search is only returning relevant results. This also helps ensure that users aren’t digging up old, out-dated documents/policies by mistake.