Easily Find Corporate Contacts on Your Corporate Intranet

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Move your external Corporate Contacts onto your intranet to increase the ease with which your employees can look up vendors, travel coordinators, janitorial services, stationary supply contacts and much more.  A centralized area with all the external contacts of the company will help to increase business efficiency by reducing the time it takes to look up and search for external contacts.

Increase the simplicity of adding new contacts to the external Corporate Contacts application by allowing all or specific employees to add their contacts into the application, while adding Workflow Approval to ensure monitoring of newly added content. Try adding Corporate Contacts to the intranet yourself with a FREE Intranet Software Trial.

Organizing Corporate Contacts

Contacts can be sorted into categories, making it quick and easy for your employees to find the contacts they need.  Sort your external Corporate Contacts within each of these categories by designating a table view, list view or collapsible list view depending on your preferences.  Choose a table view to display company logos within your contact list, making it easier for your employees to scan the list to find the contact they need.

Corporate Contacts on Your Corporate Intranet

security for corporate contact lists

Separate Secure Lists

At Intranet Connections, we understand that not all employees should be privy to the same information.  Some contacts may be privileged or confidential and therefore secured from view for most employees.  The External Corporate Contacts application allows you to create lists for various groups of employees and add view security so only that list can view those external Corporate Contacts.  Separate lists for convenience and organization, or separate lists for security purposes.

Upload Multiple Contacts

Intranet Connections makes it simple to import all of your contacts at once onto your Corporate Intranet with our easy multiple file upload tool, which allows you to perform a batch upload of files to a specific category within the external Corporate Contacts application. Add optional tags to your uploaded contacts to group them in categories, making them easier to search for and find.

Intranet Connections Multiple File Upload Feature