Build Engagement with a Custom Code Widget

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Intranet Connections gives you the flexibility to customize your Corporate Intranet however you’d like with a Custom Code Widget. A Custom Code Widget enables you to get creative, essentially creating your own widget. You can create your own custom code, or pull code from the internet to add different kinds of JavaScript widgets to your intranet home page.

You can create a Custom Code Widget for almost anything! From a world clock, rotating banner or currency converter – the options are endless. See the Custom Code Widget in action by requesting a FREE Guided Tour of our Corporate Intranet.

Visually Engage Employees

You can create a number of engaging home page widgets using a Custom Code Widget by searching for JavaScript code online. For example, you can create a rotating banner on your home page to add a visually appealing element. Just search for one you like, copy the code and paste it into your Custom Code Widget. Not only does this increase engagement, but the added visual will increase intranet adoption.

Corporate Intranet - Custom Code Widget - Rotating Banner

Customize Your Home Page

Another great use for a Custom Code Widget is a world clock. This is especially useful for organizations with several offices across different geographic locations. Perhaps your New York office needs to know the time in the Texas office, simple find a world clock code online and paste it into your Custom Code Widget on your Corporate Intranet home page. Employees can quickly look at what time it is and when they can contact the other office. 

Corporate Intranet - Custom Code Widget - World Clock

Customize your intranet home page with a world clock.

Corporate Intranet - Information Sharing - Custom Code Widget

Create buzz and awareness for events using custom code.

Add Elements of Fun

Build excitement and buzz for an upcoming corporate event, such as a company retreat or conference, on your Corporate Intranet with a Custom Code Widget. Find a countdown ticker and paste it into a Custom Code Widget for a fun reminder of how many days left until the event. Employees will check back daily to see how much longer, building excitement and increasing engagement and adoption. This is also a great conversation starter.