Communicate & Collaborate on Department Sites

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Trying to organize all of your corporate resources and people resources under a single intranet site is difficult when managing requests from different departments and stakeholders. To address this problem, you can create unlimited Team or Department Sites on your Corporate Intranet with Intranet Connections offering the flexibility to accommodate requests and give every department, project teams, groups or community their own dedicated workspace.

The best part is your intranet administrator doesn’t have to own each of these sites. With our simple site delegation feature, you can set site owners to monitor, give permissions and edit their individual sites. See the power and simplicity creating individual Team/Department Sites with simple site delegation by  taking a Guided Tour of our Corporate Intranet.

Add Intranet Applications to your Team/Department Sites

Your Corporate Intranet comes with the ability to create unlimited Team and Department Sites that can represent and serve your business units, departments, projects and teams. Within these Department Sites you can add Applications and Pages. Easily add in or copy an existing site to create a new Department Site, instead of starting from scratch. Each of these applications can then be customized to add more fields, remove or change fields and adjust the layout of your applications.

Alternatively, you can also start with a “blank application” on a Department Site to build your own applications from scratch. This give you ultimate flexibility in creating versatile applications for exactly what you need with your Corporate Intranet Software.

Intranet Software Application Example

Intranet Connections Site Delegation


Simple Department Site Delegation

Many IT managers and intranet administrators are apprehensive to provision individual sites for each department or team for fear of the endless site change and maintenance requests. With Intranet Connections, your IT department doesn’t need to have a dedicated resource to manage your Team and Department Sites. With simple site delegation, your IT department can delegate site ownership and administration to specific site owners with peace of mind knowing they won’t have to upload/modify content, handle permissioning, manage calendars, etc.

Build Communities Sites

Our simple Team/Department Site set-up your Corporate Intranet can help you build and foster communities within your organization by giving each group or team their individual site for communication and collaboration. Giving members a dedicated area to brainstorm, share ideas and have department or community discussions could result in a breeding ground for innovation and creativity within your organization. Empower your employees to contribute to the growth and success of your company.

Simple Department Site Building with Intranet Connections

HR Team Site Intranet Connections

Building Simple Intranets

Intranet Connections’ Corporate Intranet allows you to create Team, Department, Event or Community sites with the simple click of a mouse. Add in Applications and create Pages then use our Dynamic Menus to organize the navigation of your sites, or promote special content and links in our top global Mega Menu navigation. No code or technical skills are required to build out your Team/Department Sites.