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Feeds are boxes of information with varied functionality that allow you to pull content from various areas of the intranet and display these boxes within Mega Menus or on Content Pages (like the intranet home page). We have a Feed Library of over 20 different widget types for you to choose from when building your Intranet Home Page, Department Sites and intranet landing pages, as well as displaying information in your Mega Menus.

What makes this so dynamic and engaging? Read on to see how these content feeds and widgets can transform your intranet and menu navigation, or try out all our feeds/widgets for yourself by requesting a FREE 21-day Trial of our Corporate Intranet Software.

Build Amazing Pages and Mega Menus With Our Feed Library

Create a one question survey which will be shown to users when they land on the page.

Add a daily message, tip or quote and the feed will rotate through the entries on a scheduled basis, showing a new item to users every hour, day or week.

A free form text box with a rich HTML editor. Add text, images, or rich media with full control over the content presentation.

Quickly embed an image/photo album into a widget.

Quickly embed one flash file into a widget.

Quickly feed an Application into a widget.

Pull recent posts from one or multiple blogs in a blogs application and show them on the homepage.

Show a list of advertised items from all application across the site.

Create a space where site owners can publish a widget from their home page directly to the main home site home page.

Show a list of the top tags by popularity within the site.

Pull the most recent site content from any application that contains one or a combination of specified tags.

Creates a quick view of the logged in Employee’s personal bookmarks and links.

Provide a login widget on the homepage with a username and password field.

Provide a widget that shows the user their profile including their photo and limited contact details.

Show employees who have upcoming birthdays. Employees can send email or wall post congratulations.

Show employees who have upcoming anniversaries. Displays the number of years they have been with the organization.

Add a Live Chat widget to show your employees who is online and available. Utilize Live Chat with Support feature to display available IT team members.

Highlight certain employees based on a specific feature such as new hires or members of specific departments.

Show users in the directory with particular statuses (in, out, sick, etc).

Show recent wall posts from certain employees or departments.

Pull in posts from external RSS feeds such as news sites, blogs, etc.

Free form widget with no HTML editor. Add custom code and have it execute within the page.

Display the current weather and upcoming 3-day forecast for each office location on your intranet.

Pull in calendar items from Outlook Exchange.

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Stacy Lowman, World Travel Holdings

“Intranet Connections has changed the way we have conversations with our employees. The software offers a plethora of out-of-the-box functionality, offering solutions to everyday challenges related to how information is disseminated throughout the organization.”