Better Organize Projects with Project Management Sites

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Streamline projects by providing a dedicated workspace for project teams on your Corporate Intranet with Project Management Sites. Teams can work together on one central location without giving non-members access. Using various intranet applications, Project Management Sites improve efficiency, collaboration and communication among project teams.

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Corporate Intranet - Project Management Site Security

Secure project site content from non-members.

Project Content Security

Perhaps your project is confidential, and only group members are in-the-know. You can ensure all content on Project Management Sites is secure and hidden to non-members using security permissions. Any content uploaded to Project Management Sites will only be visible to group members, and won’t appear in search results. Keep your sensitive information secure with Project Management Sites.

Communicate, Collaborate and Share

Add collaborative elements, such as a Document Share or Discussion Forum, to your Project Management Sites to streamline group communication and collaboration. This gives group members a platform to share ideas, ask questions and start discussions on, ensuring every one is on the same page. Having these social features also makes it possible to communicate quickly, as often projects have time constraints.

Corporate Intranet - Project Management Collaboration

Promote collaboration on projects.

Simple Project Site Building with Intranet Connections

Organize completed tasks and tasks yet to be completed.

Organize Project Tasks

Your Project Management Sites can streamline project tasks by simply adding an area that displays all tasks, with the ability to assign group members to each task. When a group member completes a task, they can check the task off as completed. Any time a member is assigned a task, they will be notified of this update. You can also include an Events Calendar and Document Library to keep a project schedule and have a place for members to share resources, ultimately increasing project efficiency.