Organize & Manage Tasks with Task Manager

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Streamline tasks and improve efficiency with the Task Manager on your Corporate Intranet. Task Manager ensures tasks get done by the appropriate parties by having a ‘to do’ list on your intranet, with assigned task managers.

You can assign individual employees, departments or teams to a specific set of tasks. See how you can better organize tasks and projects with Task Manager by requesting a live, one-on-one demo of our Corporate Intranet with one of our product specialists.

Corporate Intranet - Information Sharing - Task Manager

Provide a designated area for task lists.

Organize & Manage Tasks

Provide an area on your Corporate Intranet that displays all tasks an employee, department or group needs to complete. This can be done through the Employee Profile, Department Site or Project Site, depending on who you want to see the tasks. From there, you can assign an employee to each task to ensure the task gets done. When an employee completes a task, they can check the task off as completed. Once the task is completed, it will send a notification to the assignee that the task has been done.

Set-Up Task Reminders

You can set up to three reminders on your Task Manager to ensure no task gets missed. Once you have assigned an employee to a task, they will receive a notification letting them know about the task. From there, you can set as many as 3 reminders, notifying them of the due date. The time duration can be anything you choose, as long as it’s prior to the pre-selected due date. This ensures all tasks are completed in a timely manner.

Corporate Intranet - Task Manager Reminders

Set up to 3 reminders for tasks.

Task Manager - Information Sharing

Assign a task to an employee.

Assign Tasks Manager for Each Task

You can use Task Manager for individual employees, departments or project groups. For departmental tasks, you can add the Task Manager to a Department Site and assign various department members to each task. Or for project groups, you can create a Project Site with the Task Manager displaying project-specific tasks. This allows every member in a department or project group to see what tasks need to be done, and who is responsible for each task.