Intranet Designs & Architecture Made Simple

When you think about intranet design and architecture, a common assumption about many intranet solutions is that you need to get into CSS stylesheets to accomplish the theme and design options for your intranet.

Not so with Intranet Connections as every component of our corporate intranet software is built-in for you, without any need to work with code and CSS. Our simple theme builder is point-and-click and has the built-in intelligence to read the colors used in your company logo, offering those colors as a palette along with complementary colors. Just point, click, save.

For those with more advanced design skills, we also have an advanced design editor that gives you granular control over the intranet theme and design but still in a point-and-click interface – no code knowledge required. Add to this our powerful Mega Menu Builder, Global Intranet Search and a mobile intranet format and you have intranet design and architecture tools out-of-the-box and built-in with maximum ease-of-use.

Business Intranet Product Demo

Intranet Design & Architecture Built Into Your Corporate Intranet Software


Create your own business intranet application or choose from one of ours with no code knowledge or technical knowledge required.

Intranet Connections Content Pages

Add content to your Corporate Intranet with the flexibility of HTML Content Pages.

Intranet Connections Homepage Portal

The intranet homepage portal is your window to the functionality, tasks and content within your corporate intranet.

Intranet Connections Simple and Advanced Design

Gain limitless access to customize your intranet design with our Simple & Advanced Design options.

Intranet Connections Mega Menus

Architecting and building your menu navigation could not be easier with our Simple Menu Builder.

Simple Settings, Significant Impact

You don’t need to be a graphic designer to build an attractive Corporate Intranet with intuitive and automated design settings from Intranet Connections. Our highly interactive design settings allow you to easily update your logo, header background, site width, site background, colors and font through a simple WIYSIWYG editor, without touching any technical code or style sheets.

Taking the time to plan and theme your intranet design and architecture is critical to the success of your intranet as it guides employees on interaction and utilization.

Leveraging our Simple Intranet Design & Architecture Tools can be the first step to achieving your Corporate Intranet success with structure menu building, intelligent widgets, easy-build templates and more. See how easy it is to update your intranet design and architecture by requesting our Free 20-Minute Personalized Intranet Demo.

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Intranet Testimonial

“Intranet Connections has changed the way we have conversations with our employees. The software offers a plethora of out-of-the-box functionality, offering solutions to everyday challenges related to how information is disseminated throughout the organization.”

Stacy Lowman
World Travel Holdings