Create Dynamic & Flexible HTML Content Pages

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Quickly and easily add content to your Corporate Intranet through simple HTML pages or more dynamic, feature-rich, self-updating pages.  Pages can be created with the click of a mouse and then organized in an unlimited hierarchy using user-friendly drag and drop.  Our simple, easy to manage content and widget pages are a convenient resource for any intranet manager, no IT experience required.

Much like other areas of the intranet, security can be applied to pages to lock them down and allow access by only select users or groups.  This makes pages an excellent tool for creative collaboration for specific tasks and projects within your organization.

Nesting Content Pages

Content Pages on your Intranet Connections’ Corporate Intranet are hierarchical similar to a wiki-like structure. Create a parent page with a specific topic in mind, and simply type your content into your page. Keep it simple or add in custom HTML code to design the page your way. Then simply hit Add Sub Page to create a new child page underneath.

Content Pages on Your Corporate Intranet

Strict Page Security

Security can be applied to individual users or entire groups, to ensure that your content is accessible to only those who should have rights to view it.  Locking down a page to a specific group or department is a great way to collaborate on a team project, or display information relevant only to a specific department or group.

Self-Updating Pages

Self-Updating Pages allow you to add a combination of HTML content and dynamic widget to your pages.  Types of widgets display information such as weather, your employee profile, quick polls, daily tips, external links and much more.  Content feed widgets automatically pull information posted around your company intranet from multiple or single applications and display it dynamically on the page.

Self-Updating Pages on Your Intranet